Hi! My name is Wencik. I’m a 25 year old zodiac cat. I am slowly ending my architecture study at Gdańsk University of Technology. Besides architecture and urban planning I am into to travel! My patience has been exhausted many times by the situations which I have faced during my journey but I would never exchange these memories for anything else.

My life motto is “1000 places to see before I die” so I want to see every capital of the world. The clock is ticking. The deadline is chasing – so let’s get it started! There are still a lot of places ahead of me! Unfortunately I am not talented in any sports discipline as my classes has shown me at University… Probably I am the only one person who failed the gym classes! Nevertheless, I love rollers, surfing, swimming and drawing. I like a lot to meet new, interesting people with dreams as big as mine are. I also like to discover new cuisine, tastes and lifestyle of a place. I’ve already visited 20 countries. Some of them I have visited more than once. I have recently returned from Durban where I had the opportunity to live and study as part of an international student exchange programme. It was an incredible time which gave me the opportunity to expand my design workshop and to understand and be absorbed by the lifestyle in Africa! The result of this trip is a series of posts in the South Africa section. I told there stories that happened to me on the Dark Continent.

Currently I live in Stuttgart, where I work. In the nearby future there will be posts on the blog about places where I have already been. There will be articles in which I will tell you about the city from my own perspective. I will try to surprise you more than once!



E-MAIL: wencikblog@gmail.com